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In the evolving world of golf, new destinations are popping up all over the world, new countries are marketing themselves as golf friendly, whether they are or not, but one trip last year stands out in my mind above all the rest – my golf trip to Japan.
Flights are direct from the UK to Tokyo, but my final destination airport was Nagoya via Hong Kong.  Arriving at Nagoya was like arriving into a shopping mall with exceptional cleanliness, shops and restaurants to divert the weary travellers eye, but my eye was firmly set on my bed for that night!

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Somewhere on mainland Europe- but where and why?

The Travelling Lady Golfer
Where am I?

  • Formerly the land was designated as a Formula 1 track
  • Unimaginatively originally called the Green and Red Courses
  • Built with the vision for the venue of the 1997 Ryder Cup
  • Gallardo – “one of the finest golf venues in the World’
  • Situated on mainland Europe
If you haven’t guessed by now it is of course PGA Catalunya, Spain and one of the finest examples of an all inclusive resort I have seen.

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IGTM, Morocco

I am delighted to announce that I have been nominated to cover IGTM in Morocco this year on behalf of Reed Exhibitions.  As the Travelling Lady Golfer and bringing the female golfers perspective to the table I look forward to representing golfers globally at this annual event.

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What do women want from their golf travel?

I am frequently asked what can hotels and golf courses do to attract this evolving audience of golfers.    Asked to write for the IGTMarket website run by Reed Exhibitions, this is what I had to say:

Whilst women’s equality on the golf course and equal playing rights remains a priority for most progressive businesses wishing to embrace this focussed audience, women’s golf travel still remains a bit of an untapped marketplace, but growing in popularity with golf tour operators now seeing this as a worth while and lucrative focus.
As a former golf tour operator, safety and security whilst traveling was and should be an uncompromising given.  
Speaking to industry experts and ladies who travel this is what else needs to be factored in to please this discerning group of emerging golfers:

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Sanremo – The Travelling Lady Golfer reveals the best of golf and more in this part of Italy

The Travelling Lady Golfer – San Remo

Just as the F1 Monaco Grand Prix flashes by, so did my short golf break in San Remo, Italy. An easy flight into Nice, France and a short 25km drive East is a gentle reminder as to how close the European countries are, as the the French Riveria blends into the Italian Rivera with a blink of the eye.
My final destination – The five star Royal Hotel San Remo, deeply rooted in this majestic place perched on the hillside overlooking the Liguria coastline towards the Mediterranean sea.
Arriving late, the shutters were down in my hotel room, so I awake with a slightly weird feeling that I had no idea where I was, with just chinks of sun shining through the small gaps in the shutters bought me back to my sense as I lept out of bed like a child, eager to open the shutters. Only then did I appreciate the beauty of not only the hotel room itself shrouded in Italian opulence, but the room framing the distance view towards a picture postcard blue sea. 

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6 top tips on how to bag some cheap, if not free golf!

By thinking outside the box, you can play golf for free or cheaply anywhere, here’s how:

1. Reciprocal – if you are a member of a golf club it is likely that your home golf club will have reciprocal arrangements with other golf clubs.  Surprisingly, these partner clubs are not necessarily local to you, so you can take a few days away and play some great golf courses.  Some clubs even have overseas reciprocal courses, so build you next holiday around that and really maximise your next trip.

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Please don’t just look at me and make assumptions? Golf club fitting; then and now

A free 7 iron and a selection of hand me down clubs from neighbours and friends got me out playing the game of golf many moons ago.  They were perfect, they were mine and they got me going in the sport I still love to play today. In those days my handicap was dropping at a considerable rate so progression from this eclectic mix of golf clubs was rapid.
I didn’t really know where to start to get new clubs, someone suggested American Golf, so off I toddle, credit card in hand.  The bonus was the Callaway rep was there, Callaway were one of the brands I was told were good, so I was delighted to see him there.  One look up and down and he handed me a ladies 7 iron.  I walked out.

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PGA Merchandise Show – my top picks for 2019

As always it is a pleasure to attend the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, and this year was especially exciting with the offerings on the table from established suppliers and also the new innovative products.

Salted Smart Shoes

There are so many training aids on the market, but this one struck me as particularly useful, why?  because it’s the shoes you wear.  Golf shoes are a fundamental part of the game but have you ever considered wearing a shoe that gives you stats back to an app on your phone?  With sensors embedded into the soles to track feet pressure and distribution of your weight transfer and balance, there is no getting away from the stats which are fed back to an app!  Instructions provided to analyse the stats which are visual to determine not only your weight balance and transfer but also left to right and front to back balance readings are given too.

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Get ready for the 2019 season with Chase 54’s unique features for golfers

The summer/autumn of 2018 bought me some clothes from Chase 54, an American Brand providing some alternative thoughts to golf clothing for men and women – here’s what I thought:

Navy blue Coastal Polo shirt
I love the button down the front ones, such a good idea as you don’t wipe your deodorant and sun cream off when putting the cloths back on.

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Sun Mountain being put through the mill

Check out the product reviews for both Sun Mountain H2NO golf carry stand bags and also the Sun Mountain Meridian Golf Travel bag on the Golf Equipment and Product Review tab on this blog.

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Plus golf hacks, golf course reviews, photos and much more.

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Ever had that Friday feeling every day?

I did last week, starting with a walk in the field with the 6 month black lab puppy, tripping over my
own shoe laces and falling flat on my face, much to the dogs delighted as he bounced on me wanting more play time whilst I was on his level.  Fun to start with, and very funny when he tried to flatten himself to the ground and sneak up on me on his toes, a bit like an oil slick. Continue reading

Royal Bled, Slovenia

I had no preconceptions about golf in Slovenia, I couldn’t even spell Ljubljana! 
And here I was arriving into Ljubljana airport after an easy short flight from London.  A small airport with no apparent organisation, quickly giving way to a photoshopped blue sky contrasting lush green grass and with mountains in the distance intrepidly awaiting their first snow fall of the season.

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