Month: June 2019

Sanremo – The Travelling Lady Golfer reveals the best of golf and more in this part of Italy

The Travelling Lady Golfer – San Remo

Just as the F1 Monaco Grand Prix flashes by, so did my short golf break in San Remo, Italy. An easy flight into Nice, France and a short 25km drive East is a gentle reminder as to how close the European countries are, as the the French Riveria blends into the Italian Rivera with a blink of the eye.
My final destination – The five star Royal Hotel San Remo, deeply rooted in this majestic place perched on the hillside overlooking the Liguria coastline towards the Mediterranean sea.
Arriving late, the shutters were down in my hotel room, so I awake with a slightly weird feeling that I had no idea where I was, with just chinks of sun shining through the small gaps in the shutters bought me back to my sense as I lept out of bed like a child, eager to open the shutters. Only then did I appreciate the beauty of not only the hotel room itself shrouded in Italian opulence, but the room framing the distance view towards a picture postcard blue sea. 

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