Month: May 2019

6 top tips on how to bag some cheap, if not free golf!

By thinking outside the box, you can play golf for free or cheaply anywhere, here’s how:

1. Reciprocal – if you are a member of a golf club it is likely that your home golf club will have reciprocal arrangements with other golf clubs.  Surprisingly, these partner clubs are not necessarily local to you, so you can take a few days away and play some great golf courses.  Some clubs even have overseas reciprocal courses, so build you next holiday around that and really maximise your next trip.

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Please don’t just look at me and make assumptions? Golf club fitting; then and now

A free 7 iron and a selection of hand me down clubs from neighbours and friends got me out playing the game of golf many moons ago.  They were perfect, they were mine and they got me going in the sport I still love to play today. In those days my handicap was dropping at a considerable rate so progression from this eclectic mix of golf clubs was rapid.
I didn’t really know where to start to get new clubs, someone suggested American Golf, so off I toddle, credit card in hand.  The bonus was the Callaway rep was there, Callaway were one of the brands I was told were good, so I was delighted to see him there.  One look up and down and he handed me a ladies 7 iron.  I walked out.

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