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Ever had that Friday feeling every day?

I did last week, starting with a walk in the field with the 6 month black lab puppy, tripping over my
own shoe laces and falling flat on my face, much to the dogs delighted as he bounced on me wanting more play time whilst I was on his level.  Fun to start with, and very funny when he tried to flatten himself to the ground and sneak up on me on his toes, a bit like an oil slick. Continue reading

Royal Bled, Slovenia

I had no preconceptions about golf in Slovenia, I couldn’t even spell Ljubljana! 
And here I was arriving into Ljubljana airport after an easy short flight from London.  A small airport with no apparent organisation, quickly giving way to a photoshopped blue sky contrasting lush green grass and with mountains in the distance intrepidly awaiting their first snow fall of the season.

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Are Millennial Women really the saviours of golf?

Are millennial women really the saviours of golf?
#millennials  – are they the way forward for the future of women’s golf as the R&A predict with the recent launch of the Women in Golf Charter?
I have been in the golf business for nearly 11 years, as a golf tour operator – the only GTO to focus on the travelling lady golfers and latterly as a consultant for women’s golf; a travel writer and also one who runs golf events so you could say I have been round the track a few times!
So no surprise as I receive my invitation to attend the Women in Golf Charter, driven by the R&A, on the day I was due to leave the UK to attend and cover the US Women’s Open in Alabama, with no regard to sleep and the extended day ahead of me, I didn’t hesitate to say yes, I will be there.

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International foodie treats – its not all about the golf!

Whislt travelling for golf, I have to eat- right?  Why not make the golf trip about more than golf and take in some of these delicious delicacies on your travels?
To be honest, I don’t know if I’m a foodie, just appreciate good food, or maybe just a good old fashioned pig – but is there really much of a difference – I love food!
Lisbon, Portugal
Pastel de Nata – Made in the old traditional way in the middle of Belèm, Lisbon’s tourist area; you will find this family run bakery and cafe Antiga Confeitaria de Belém. Using the traditional secret family recipe for this up-market egg tart with thousands being sold daily to tourists and locals alike.  This sweet little egg tart packs a punch in flavour requiring all diets to be long forgotten and reaching for more to savour.  There is usually a queue to stand in, but take the time to watch the locals buy and devour these little sweet treats before settling yourself down in the refectory style café on wood and metal school-like chairs and formica table tops – you’re not there for the decor!

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Angus – Open all hours – Home of the upcoming Open at Carnoustie 2018

It is true, Scotland does not have the best reputation for lady golfers, whether that is to welcome them or whether that is looking after their own.  Big name clubs not making female golfers welcome have not helped this reputation for women in this must play golfing mecca.  But Angus’ open doors approach is a sure winner for both sexes.  This last trip to Angus, aka Carnoustie Country has certainly opened my eyes, it is an area one can go golfing but it is also an area to visit for holidays too.

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PGA Level 1 – tick

So pleased to announce I have passed my Level 1 PGA Coaching Award.
You may ask why have I done this at my age, what am I hoping to achieve, the simple answer is two fold:
  1. I have been in the golf industry for nearly 10 years and events for even longer and I just want to give something back to the sport I love and what better way to do that than to encourage others get into the game 
  2. Working for myself I don’t get the opportunity to go on in-house company training courses, this is a way I can keep not only my brain active but also show a continued commitment to Golf.

Everyone can achieve so much given the right set of circumstances, it just means sometimes you have to create you own set of circumstances

Listen to my interview on Blogtalk radio in Florida

I am incredibly humbled to be on Blogtalk radio with the impressive Ted Odorico to talk about ladies golf on the Women of Golf Show and especially the International Ladies Golf Tournament we are running this September.
But you listen and let me know what you think??
Should I stick to writing!

I missed not having Cindy Miller, but she was busy with other golf related things, so good luck to her.

Not signed up yet to join us for the ILGT?
Message me and we will get you in!

Golf in China at its best

Golf in China is growing at a huge rate, especially on the island of Hainan, which is home to Mission Hills Haikou, the world’s second largest golf complex with 10 golf courses, and the spectacular Sheraton Dunes. Sarah Forrest details her visit.Flying via Hong Kong, China is surprisingly accessible. After a short add-on flight to Hainan Island, you find yourself at Haikou airport, the most southerly holiday destination part of China. A two-hour transfer south to Shenzhou Peninsular enables you to really embrace the Chinese landscape during the journey. Expecting to see paddy fields at every turn, I was surprised by the lush tropical flora of this part of China and, despite the large population, that it wasn’t overcrowded in the slightest.

Arriving at the Sheraton Shenzhou Peninsula Resort we were greeted by lined-up smiling staff, a cool drink and a beaded necklace, before being huddled into reception where efficiency reigned over the check-in process. A large hotel which retains its charm is a tough nut to crack, the hotel has areas sectioned off for the bar, the reception and of course the variety of restaurants all available on site.

A Far Eastern beachside hotel with 36 holes of golf, the Sheraton doesn’t disappoint with warmth oozing from the staff and from the building itself as it uniquely embraces each visitor.

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Nearly – again!

As the holder of one hole in one already I wonder if I am getting a bit greedy and wanting more?

You may recall my post in May 2015 where I got another nearly?

Well I’ve only gone and done it again – another nearly – this time at the amazing Praia D’El Rey golf course in Portugal, a 109 par three stroke index 18 with a slight breeze off the sea on the left and a little mound on the right, I picked up my pitching wedge and knocked it slightly right, to maximise the mound. A clean shot, a touch right, a little bounce left and it started to roll towards the hole – closer and closer.

Love this picture of Sean jumping out my pocket!

At that time, what does go through golfers mind?  Is it oh no my bar bill will rocket with these fish I’m playing with?  Is it a little heart skip and I’m going to get a hole in one?  I can’t honestly remember what I was thinking at that moment in time, but I do recall my playing partners were jumping up and down – the odd expletive was shouted at my ball, then it stopped – the shouting and the ball as my ball came to rest less than a balls width from the hole.
No amount of jumping up and down, blowing the ball or wishing for the infamous gust to wind is going to aid it along; it was simply not going to happen; it just sat there menacing in appearance as sadness and joy swept over me equally.
One never really appreciates how close the ball is to the hole until you get closer; how many times have you attacked the flag thinking thats pretty close only to find its at least a metre away and you’re left with one of those tricky length putts to finish?  The same thoughts pop into your mind but in reverse when approaching a nearly hole in one, oh its going to be miles away, but gradually as you get closer the smile creeps across your face as you realise the next shot is a sure gimme.
Oh well, in another two and half years I’ll give it a go again – or maybe even before, one never knows with the game of golf.
Good luck with your game of golf in 2018 and fingers crossed for a hole in one – for one of us at least!
Feel free to comment on this post.

Few hours to kill in Hong Kong

Killing a few hours in Hong Kong
With many international flights to the Far East connecting through Hong Kong what do you do with a few hours or an overnight layover to kill in Hong Kong?
On a recent trip to China, I had an overnight in Hong Kong, something I was relishing after an absence of nearly 30 years.  Arriving in the afternoon heat and after a quick shower and with comfy shoes on I was ready to explore this bustling metropolis.  In 1997, China took back the governance of Hong Kong from the British and I was looking forward to seeing the changes. 
I was in for a bit of a shock.  I expected it to be a bit tatty, teaming with loads of people and the “copy watch man” hounding you at every turn.  Not at all. Hong Kong actually seemed quieter than I remember.  I was no longer dragged along the street when stepping out of my hotel into a sea of people. I actually had control of where I was going and could make that decision without having to navigate round many bodies littering the street in ‘Shaun of the Dead’ fashion.  The air was clean, the atmosphere was vibrant and the “copy watch man” was almost nowhere to be seen.  In fact the only time we did see him was at the Temple Street night market, still an amazing place to visit, although it did seem somewhat smaller than I recalled?  He popped out occasionally from between buildings to gently hound you in a less brazen, almost in a sneaky underhand way before retreating back into his dimly lit gap between buildings, as a spy into the dark slinking away into the abyss.
Temple Street night market is the place to visit if you’re only there for one night. It is littered with local street food vendors but you’re guaranteed a good local meal despite possible cleanliness issues.  Napkins are by way of a small box of tissues provided by a quick toss onto the table in the fast pace restaurants where more than 2 sittings per table are not uncommon in one night. 
But, with just a few blocks of buzzing life, you get the feel for Hong Kong, Temple Street night market with its canvas covers protecting make-shift stalls being used to showcase their wares of cheap Chinese non CE or kite mark goodies on sale by the masses.  An exotic atmosphere with smells of waffles accompanies you as you bump along in a stream of locals and tourists alike in the centre of Chinatown in Kowloon. As you return to the sanctuary of your pristine hotel or back to the airport for your onward flight, you leave this exciting city with good memories and with self-made promises to return to explore more on offer in Hong Kong.

Break up your long haul trip, if only for a few hours in the vibrant and exciting city of Hong Kong

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