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THE LBD of Miami

In a meeting Turnberry Isle in Miami was described to me as the little black dress??
Every lady has a little black dress, it may not be black or even a dress – but its is your go to outfit, one that is consistent, can be jazzed up or worn as day wear.
But how can that relate to a golf resort? 
Turnberry Isle is a stones throw from Miami airport and also from downtown.  A little oasis hidden in the middle of high rise buildings, the entrance doesn’t even give you the true sense of what this luxury golf resort brings.  But why is it an LBD resort?
Simple – you can take Turnberry Isle and stay to have a great time in this five star autograph Marriott collection hotel, but jazz it up a little with the on site 18 hole golf course, the newly refurbished extensive spa or just sit by the pool and relax in Italian style decor  Add a jacket for the evening and dine in the excellent Michael Mina Bourbon Steak Restaurant, then push the boat out – add the pearls, or in this case try the excellent cocktails, an experience enhanced by the extensive knowledge of Rafael, Assistant GM and guru on the menu, even contributing his own carefully thought though and I dare say ‘researched’ cocktail – Shogun – a must try to truly understand this mans depth of commitment and knowledge to enhance the success of the already great restaurant.

Daily entertainment can be by way of playing one of their two 18 hole golf courses.   Not particularly long courses, but with the option to choose the tees befitting your ability, you can make your game more of a challenge if you wanted to.  Incredibly pretty courses, with gardens spilling onto the course at tees and greens giving tranquility its best shot in amongst the high risers.  That said, I didn’t feel over-looked or that the buildings were on top on me whilst playing, the buildings have been designed to celebrate their individuality, whether deliberate or by happy accident this adds to the experience of playing Turnberry Isle.  The course is narrow in places, greens undulate and require some thinking, but be careful not to over think that, on the surface of it, tricky putt.  Water is in play a lot, always with bail out but nervy courses none the less.  Not forgetting the crows – menacing by appearance and menacing when they decide to take your ball and drop it out of play.  I cannot understand why, playing the percentage game, the ball was never dropped by the pin or even further up the fairway.  It made for amusing games – but they did like the shiny new golf balls and were quite fussy about their quality too – Pro V’s were their speciality.
Think about shedding your LBD and visit one of two swimming pools, one for the families and the other for the adults offering welcome respite after a game of golf, both attentively served by willing staff ready to bring the odd glass of much appreciated cold ice water – or whatever you want to your sun bed as you relax in the Miami sunshine oblivious of the world outside this oasis resort.  Relax and enjoy a sip of ice cold water infused with fresh fruit under the shade of a pool umbrella before taking a dip in the warm water of the pool – heaven in earth in a big city – you just wouldn’t know that.
A buffet or a la carte breakfast is served in the Laguna lounge, where pressure is just a word only applied to the waiting staff as they busy themselves to please the guests, everyone else is on a different plane relaxing and enjoying the extensive offerings with the attentive staff making this an easy transition.
Miami may or may not be your destination of choice for a holiday, but it can almost certainly enhance any experience you may have when visiting for work by simply adding on a couple of days to relax and unwind, play some golf, or simply relax in the amazing Spa, where treatments range from near medical to massages to pedicures, the choice is extensive.  
Beach access and a shopping Mall across the road, this resort really does have it all – and the best thing – your LBD will be right at home at Turnberry Isle Miami, whether you choose to dress it up or not you will be embraced into this all encompassing resort.
So I finally  got it, Turnberry Isle Golf Resort and Hotel really is the LBD of Miami in the golf world
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