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Friends for the Day

I was asked to play for the A team in a scratch match on Sunday, so went along to be met by not only my welcoming team but the open arms welcome of the hosting team too.
Unless you are a regular to playing competition golf, sometimes you can sit on the outside of the team and not feel embraced, I’ve even turned up inadvertently wearing the wrong clothes and again not felt part of the team.  It is important to feel wanted as your contribution is valued, after all they are not a team without you.
My playing partner was a relaxed lovely lady who from the outset we hit it off – not the ball off the tee, but in personality with the one main thing in common – golf.  Golf does bring people together from all walks of life, and this was no exception, despite it being a match.
First hole and I had lady luck on my side, making a par after a little hop over a bunker allowed me onto the green in regulation and 2 putts- this might be the only hole that is talked about in any details as it really was one of the few holes I had this kind of luck and good play on.  I was out-classed, my partner was a better golfer than me, it being her course will have helped her inevitably, but in truth she was better than me too!
We chatted, laughed and put the golfing world to rights as we continued to make our way round the course halving and dropping holes (on my part) as we went along.  I thought I might loose on the 12th – but managed a stay of execution until the 14th!  I wasn’t deterred, I was having a good time, I was enjoying my partners company and I think she was mine too.  I would like to think that had the boot been on the other foot, and I was winning, she would still be friendly and chatty, that is my general experience of playing in these matches anyway.

Ladies like to have relaxed fun on the golf course, we can play in matches and still have a laugh as much as when we are playing socially and at the end of it, you have another friend, it might only be a friend for a day, but one you can call a friend and one you know if you were to meet again, you’d get on just as well as the first time.  I’m not saying I didn’t want to win, of course I did, but having a good experience is equally as important to me (almost!)

Thanks to all ladies who make golfing fun.
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