Month: February 2019

PGA Merchandise Show – my top picks for 2019

As always it is a pleasure to attend the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, and this year was especially exciting with the offerings on the table from established suppliers and also the new innovative products.

Salted Smart Shoes

There are so many training aids on the market, but this one struck me as particularly useful, why?  because it’s the shoes you wear.  Golf shoes are a fundamental part of the game but have you ever considered wearing a shoe that gives you stats back to an app on your phone?  With sensors embedded into the soles to track feet pressure and distribution of your weight transfer and balance, there is no getting away from the stats which are fed back to an app!  Instructions provided to analyse the stats which are visual to determine not only your weight balance and transfer but also left to right and front to back balance readings are given too.

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