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Galvin Green Women’s Golf Clothing


Galvin Green


  1. Skintight thermal base layer -Thermal technology, breathable, moisture transportation properties
  1. Maureen shirt – Moves moisture away with their Ventil8 plus technology UV 20SPF protection
  1. Neely Shorts – Lightweight technical fabric, moisture wicking with UV up to 20 spf
  1. Maggie Shirt – Breathable Ventil8 lightweight fabric
  1. Nina Skort – Ventil8 technical fabric with style details
  1. Dominique Jacket – Insula fabric which is very breathable, soft and lightweight yet has a thermal lining
  1. Skintight thermal base layer – Warm but not too thick, collarless for extra fashion options
  1. Maureen shirt -Lightweight breathable material, easy to wash even when my chosen colour was white with navy blue trim there was no colour run it is also easy and light to wear
  2. Neely Shorts – Smart navy shorts with white detailing down the outside of the legs adding extra class to the items.  They stretched and moved as the golfer needs
  3. Maggie Shirt – This navy blue shirt is so lightweight you barley notice you are wearing it
  4. Nina Skort – On opening this skort I was so excited to get a white albeit totally impracticable colour, thinking the white would soon dis-colour in the wash or attract every particle of dirt as soon as I put it on – not the case, it is still fresh to this day, although does occasionally need ironing, this means it isn’t easy to travel with.  A quick fix would be to make it a pattern rather than a solid block colour?
  5. Dominique Jacket – A pocketless insula jacket in pink and white tones – what else can any red-head want – I love it!
  1. Skintight thermal base layer -The Emily crew neck thermal underlay was a surprise.  Yes I have used under garments before, but they have tended to be quite thick material and whilst this does pull the tummy in, one has to be able to breathe too!  The Emily crew neck is comfortable and doesn’t need any extra care to keep it looking and feeling warm – one for the serious golfer!
  2. Maureen shirt – It isn’t often you can get a white shirt and it reman good and fresh for a number of washes.  The Maureen shirt I had was white with a navy blue trim and is still just as fresh with no colour run even now, as it was when I got it months ago, and it has been worn many times!
  3. Neely Shorts – I must say I don’t usually wear shorts for golf, but having owned and worn the Neely shorts from Galvin Green, I would definitely get another pair.  They were so comfortable, even on ‘fat days’ they didn’t ride up and remained stylish throughout the day.
  4. Maggie Shirt – love wearing this shirt, I had mine in nave blue with  a knit white collar line trim, it looks classy and feels great to wear, even on hot days the dark colour didn’t make me feel any warmer due to its wicking technology. A must for the wardrobe and is my go-to shirt of choice.
  5. Nina Skort  – A block colour short with dart detailing at the bottom of each side seam, this did make it look like it was flying a bit but the style and fit were fantastic, although a bit big which is great on really hot days.  That said, I did think this style might suit smaller sizes better with its block colour choices?
  6. Dominique Jacket – Its pink!  OK I didn’t ever think I’d wear pink, but this jacket is so warm and cosy 

Absolutely, Galvin Green has successfully moved away from being known as the water proof jacket and trouser people to the carefully thought through designer items we golfers know and love today, the fabric is such good quality on each garment, it is worth the extra money.  

Never compromise is a great and appropriate slogan for Galvin Green.

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