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Birdie London knitwear

Birdie London knitwear

Wool jumpers, snood and cotton polo shirt

Birdie London


  1. 100% fine merino wool (knitwear)
  2. 95% cotton 5% Elastane (polo shirt)
  1. Machine wash on hand wash setting (knitwear)
  2. Made in the UK
  3. 2 types of fit: female or box fit
  4. Variety of colour choices
  5. Contrasting colours are very well thought through
  6. Complete with matching items
  7. Machine wash (polo shirt)
  8. More than jumpers available!


  1. Wool jumpers

I was lucky to be sent a variety of jumpers to trial, but the reality is, I found it so hard to chose a few as they all looked so nice in the catalogue.  The design is ‘preppy’ – it is also clean looking and looked smart in all the pictures I’d seen prior to ordering.

When the package arrived with a lovely note from Theresa and Justine – the owners of Birdie London, I was so pleased with the feel of the jumpers.  All are 100% fine merino wool and so soft to the touch – always something I’m aware of as wool can be scratchy – I have worn the jumpers on various occasions, on and off the golf course, for travelling and for pretty much everything.  I have washed them multiple times and despite hubby putting one on the wrong wash, it didn’t go horribly out of shape – not that I’d endorse not washing as per the instructions!

The contrasting colour band is a trade mark of Birdie London, it does make it distinctive and easy to wear with multiple outfits.  I loved that the stitched wording ‘Birdie’ is not in your face but subtly matched to the background colour material – no need to shout about this quality, it shouts for itself.

I can honestly say, everyone who has asked me about the jumpers absolute love them.

2. Cotton polo shirt

To be honest, I wasn’t sure about the polo shirt when I saw it, as it didn’t look like anything special.  It actually took me a while to find the right occasion to wear it, but once I’d worn it that first time, I loved it’s soft feel against my skin.  It is a slightly heavier material and therefore not so great in the height of summer but perfect for the shoulder seasons or cooler summer days.  Again with the distinctive contrasting band across the chest, it is flattering in its design.

3. Snood/Headband

It has to be said I have a lot of hair, and having a head band to keep it off my face is a great idea, especially for putting!  But the best thing it is really a snood, so in effect two uses for the one item.

The snood sits beautifully on the neck giving enough space without cold air penetrating in.

I loved the fact that mine matched one of my jumpers, and when I wear one, I usually wear the other as a complete outfit.

Birdie London say their clothing is ‘cocktail sportswear’ a strange combination of occasions but actually I can see how that works.  If you want to be the best and warmest dressed on the course this winter, check out :

I’m sure you won’t be disappointed, I’m not, even one year later of using these jumpers – testimony to their lasting quality and freshness.


A resounding Yes.  I love my Birdie London knitwear, and with the company evolving and producing new and exciting colours and designs each season, it’s one to watch out for in the future

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