Travelling Lady Golfer

Galvin Green Women’s Pac Lite Waterproofs


Galvin Green


  • Gore tex technology 
  • Breathable
  • Outer fabric repels water
  • Inner lining
  • Paclite technology
  • Variety of colours to choose from
  • Trouser and jackets match or can contrast
  • Matching waterproof caps to fit
  • Trousers have a slight stretch to them
  • Comfortable neck lining
  • Lower leg release
  • Female fit

I was trialling Alexandra trousers, Angel Jacket and Axiom hat, all in matching navy blue.  Gore-tex has been round for many years with Galvin Green being the market leaders.  The material is coated with a waterproof membrane to stop water seeping through, even at the seams.  Their ability to pack small makes them ideal for travelling yet they don’t come out crumpled and messy looking, in fact they are smart enough to pop over a top in the evening if it starts to drizzle or a little wind protection is needed.  The first time the waterproofs came out was whilst travelling, they were being used to pack the clubs and were, to be honest worked around the clubs int the travel bag.  No sooner had I pulled them out of the bag than they were good enough to be worn.  I was keen to wear my Galvins and have been ever since.  One year later, I know that the clothing is still waterproof and still love wearing them, feeling dry and smart.They are my go to waterproofs.  The accompanying hat is a great idea and works especially well for people with long hair with the hole at the back of the cap.  The finishing item for the outerwear was the Divine snood, in a few shades lighter than the Pac lites, the snood is a must have item for golfers.  No dangling of the scarf whilst your swinging your club, instead a neat, warm and cosy fitting snood to keep your neck warm and to stop those annoying dribbles down the back of the neck from the rain as you bend over to take your shot!


Never compromise is a great and appropriate slogan for Galvin Green

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