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B for Blog

B for Blog

⛳In this demanding fast moving world of instagamatic, podmania and reaching a crescendo of YouTubeilation, I’d like to give a subtle nod to the humble blog.  

Q. What is a blog? 

⛳It is an information platform, usually based on peoples experiences they want to share but it can be used as a ranting outlet for some! 

Q. Is it still relevant in todays, moving at pace demanding society where everything is wanted at the touch of the button – yesterday?

⛳There is a huge untapped talent out there writing blogs, they don’t usually do it for a fee and are rarely sponsored.   Anyone searching for information is very likely to land on a blog and get the information they need.

Q Why do I blog

⛳My reasons for blogging was not to drive traffic to my fledgling business, but as my way of saying thank you.  I was often invited on trips to various places as a Golf Tour Operator.  Whilst my specialism was, and still is, female golf and travel, the business was small.  In business, as in life, I’ve always wanted to give back, so if I was invited on a trip, and I couldn’t sell the destination as a small niche (in growth) business, I started to write about my experiences.  This gave me some comfort that I was indeed giving something back for the kindness and support the hosts had extended to me.

⛳Switching from Golf Tour Operating, into journalism is as a direct result of blogging.  I just found I liked doing the writing more and I wasn’t forever trying to sell something.  In essence, I just like sharing experiences, so people can choose to read, act upon or share as they wish.

⛳My own story of getting into blogging may be slightly different to others but with the number of views I still get, I think it is still relevant as yet another source of information. 

⛳It is easier to watch a video, volume on or not, than to read a blog but having and developing my writing skills has helped me personally get published in various magazines. 

⛳So when you’re reading a blog, read it and appreciate that the author has spent time researching the information they are sharing with you.  Of course you don’t have to agree with everything that has been written, but it is your prerogative to carry on reading, stop reading or respond to the author.

⛳Thank you to all of you who have supported me over the years, I genuinely hope it has helped you with information and maybe my honesty and humour has played a part too?

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