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G for Gen X Golfers

G for Gen X Golfers

Having had a birthday yesterday, today I decided to fly the flag for my generation.  Who is a Gen X golfer?  Remember Baby boomers?  Well Gen X is the next phase on – 1965 to 1980, although there is some overlap, this is the general birth date range.

⛳Five consideration or traits of a Gen X person:

?First generation to have home computers

?Grew up with the word ‘alternative’ whether that is people, music or whatever

?Creative innovators with the aim of making the world a better place

?They have a higher chance of being laid off, outsourced, or relocated therefore acquiring many different skill sets to survive

?They embrace technology and social media

Often called the options, the latchkey or the grunge generation – all seem fitting.  Squeezed between baby boomers and millennials they are the first generation to experience high rates of parental divorce.

⛳Naturally this doesn’t apply to all Gen X and is only a quick summary.

⛳What can the Gen X bring to golf?

The thrill seekers looking for meaning in their lives, which could be seen as a midlife crisis!   Often wanting more as they near retirement and questioning themselves more too.  This next generation of retirees, often take early retirement in good health and with a reasonable income due to their work hard, play hard ethic.  They have a desire to travel, share and enjoy.

⛳The wider golf industry, (not just local golf clubs benefiting from increased membership numbers), coming out of the back of covid could really benefit from this generation engaging more with the sport.  It wasn’t that long ago that golf was seen as a retirement sport.   With the Gen X retiring younger, being fitter and having a lust to engage with all things golf, they really are the low hanging fruit for growth across the golf industry.

⛳I love playing golf with any golfer of any age, ability or gender, and I do particularly like it when all generations get involved from one family.  Unlike some sports, golf can bring the whole family together with fun rivalry balanced out by the handicap system.

⛳But talking about females in particular, I’ve also always felt that the 40 plus woman is the low hanging fruit to easily grow numbers in female golf participation.  This doesn’t mean that women and girls under the age of 40 aren’t, it means there are a greater percentage of females over this age who have had their families, who have a bit more time and a bit more cash to spend, who could be engaged to take up golf.  

⛳I did a quick survey for an article last year, speaking to a selection of golf clubs in the UK, I asked them about female golf membership.  Most had seen an increase in female golf membership, but when breaking it down even further, most, over 70% of these new female members, were over the age of 40.

⛳The travel side of golf could benefit enormously by tapping into this relatively easy to engage generation, as could apparel and the spin offs to many industries in the golf industry.

⛳So when thinking growth, lets embrace all generations – all have something unique and exciting to offer this great sport of Golf.

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