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Duca del Cosma Golf Shoes

Duca del Cosma

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Duca del Cosma


  1. Fitted with aqua stop; a water repellent breathable membrane between the upper material and the lining
  2. Taped seams
  3. Waterproof microfibre system
  4. Open cell foam (moisture absorbent and anti bacterial) high density (anti fatigue) to keep your feet well ventilated and dry
  5. Ergonomic handcrafted Italian golf shoes
  6. Thermoplastic synthetic material stabilising sole
  1. Calf skin or cow hide
  2. Waterproof guarantee
  3. Multiple colour ways and designs to suit all wardrobes
  4. For on and off the golf course
  5. High quality, high workmanship

I saw Duca Del Cosma shoes at the PGA Merchandise Show two years ago, or rather should I say I saw their staff and representatives walking into the show and what an impressive sight they made in their matching eye pleasing shoes of Italian flag colours.

After chatting to them and their PR company, Sports Impact, I was sent a pair of Pink Kubana shoes to trial.  It has to be said, I don’t have little dainty feet, Im 5’ 10” but was delighted when they sent a pair that fitted – and they weren’t dowdy mens colours!

Purposely choosing pink, I didn’t want a colour that simply faded into the background, I wanted one that would stand out, and the pink kubana do just that!!  Wearing a high colour also encourages people to ask, and on the back of this have instigated sales.

I even liked the two choices for laces, they are the flat type, as opposed to the tubular ones, and don’t slip when they are tied up, playing 18 holes of golf without having to re-tie your shoelaces is great.

The thing that I like most about the Duca del Cosma shoes is their versatility.  They can be used at home but when I travel I often take them as they can be played in any weather condition, they don’t make your feet hot in warm weather and they don’t leak and make your feet wet in colder drier conditions, yet they always look clean and fresh.  For me a perfect all round golf shoe with style to be worn on or off the golf course


Yes, I love the colour choices too

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