Month: December 2014

South Carolina

For golf, southern hospitality, good food, the climate and a whole lot more….
This is my story June 2014
Myrtle Beach, Hilton Head and Charleston all spring to mind when thinking about South Carolina, and so they should and visit you should, but the State of South Carolina can offer so much more too..
With almost 100 golf courses in the Myrtle Beach area, playing but 2 and half rounds of golf barely makes a dent in what’s available. Before I wander my mind to the lovely Myrtle Beach area, I’ve got to mention up-state South Carolina – almost a contradiction in grammar, I flew into Greenville via Atlanta where I bumped into my Colombian buddy Fernando – so I knew we were in for a good trip!
A lovely group of people met us from all over the globe – all golf tour operators, all fun people ready to tackle the golf and what up-state had to offer.
As with most of these trips there is so much to see we often run out of time, so day one was meant to be 36 holes – we managed 27; 18 on River Falls and 9 on Cherokee Valley.  Playing with Ricky from South Carolina, Ronnie from Sweden and the infamous Fernando from Colombia at River Falls, we negotiated the undulations, valleys and managed a win on the final putt! after 18 holes – not a bad result as team Colombiweed (Colombia and Sweden) had 2 shots more than the dream team of red white and blue (UK and USA).  As River Falls was quite a short course for ladies, Ronnie decided that if Ricky and I were winning, I had to play off the tees one back from the reds (belle), I played a lot of holes from the Golds (Womens plantation), until team Colombiweed dug their heels in and I got to play from the very short Belle tees. Fair compromise – and I got to see two sets of tees! Belle tees measure 4775 yards, women’s plantation tees measured 5634.  A lovely Gary Player signature course. Continue reading

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