Month: December 2013

Eleven pros and Me

The right place at the right time happened to me recently. ¬†At the World Travel Market in London I met with the great chaps from Aphrodite Hills and the Cyprus Tourist Office (CTO) enthusing about future plans for Red Tee Breaks I unexpectedly get an invite to join a group of 12 golf pros on their visit to Cyprus. ¬†Mindful of the broken wrist, the fact I wouldn’t have played for three months and they were – well golf pros – I tentatively said yes and quickly booked a lesson with my pro Tim.
Tim assured me I was hitting the ball as normal as before and didn’t seem to be favouring the wrist too much. I met with the pro’s at the airport with new found confidence this soon dwindled as I found out that there were meant to be 12 pro’s and me and I’d be playing with Costas from the CTO and Andreas from Aphrodite Hills. One pro, Barry, dropped out and I became the 12th golfer leaving Costas and Andreas to fend for themselves.
From that point I became Barry, but thankfully retained my handicap and played off the red’s. Continue reading

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