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T for Tapas

T for Tapas

??Whilst visiting Cadiz I was served tapas – this wasn’t the first time I’d eaten such mouthwatering delicacies, but learning its story of evolution it’s one I’d like to share with you now.

?Cadiz is known for its sherry production in Spain.  The sweet syrupy liquid is served in bars up and down this region of Andalusia.  Being so sweet it attracted those annoying little fruit flies – the type that bug you but you can never seem to swipe!

The bartenders were getting a bit fed up with the flies spoiling their customers experience of the sherry so decided to put a piece of bread over the top of the glass, as a lid. 

?The word tapas comes from the Spanish word to cover – tapar

The thoughtful, maybe even entrepreneurial bartenders started to add salty ham, such as jamón ibérico or cheese to the bread which the clients willingly ate.  This salty food made them thirsty and so they would order more sherry.  A win win for the client and the bartenders – but a lose for the fruit flies!

Today tapas has evolved into a culinary art and can be found all around the world.

?Whilst visiting a pincho restaurant in Barcelona I was amazed by its selection.  Similar to tapas but you’d choose a skewer full of food or in some cases a bowl of food and took them to your table to enjoy.  At the end the waitress would count up the wooden skewers and charge you per skewer of food regardless of what was on it.  I loved that concept as you could choose exactly what you wanted.  The pincho restaurants are more common place in the North of Spain.

?Tapas can be hot or cold with favourites being Gambas al Ajillo (garlic shrimp), chorizo (hot or cold), hams and cheeses.  I’ve had frittata with tapas – an egg based dish finished off under the grill – not to be confused with a spanish tortilla which is similar to an omelette as it is flipped over and finished off on the stove top.

⁉️Whats the difference between tapas and Mezze? 

Tapas is usually served with a drink, whereas mezze is served as a course, maybe a starter or a pre-dinner course

?Tapas treats for us include olives, fresh bread, dipping olive oil and balsamic vinegar and a good selection of meat and cheese – we tend to do a cold tapas, but do sneak in some warm chorizo if feeling indulgent

⁉️What is your favourite tapas?

Most mages courtesy of @cadizturismo

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