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Golf, sun and a whole lot of fun in Argentina

Argentina might not be the first place that springs to mind when one thinks about a golf holiday, but the reality is – why not?
It’s got everything you need for a great time golfing and offers so much more too….
Here’s my experience when I went a couple of weeks ago.

Firstly being a Brit I was ‘warned’ of the conflict over the Malvinas (Falklands), and whilst meant in a caring way, there really was no need to worry – I want to dispel any myths that we Brits are not welcome in Argentina, I was treated no differently to any other golfer on holiday in a courteous manor and with respect as a fellow golfer or holiday maker.
Political stuff out of the way -this is how it really was.
After a long flight I arrived early enough  to have the whole day in Buenos Aires, at that point any sensible person would have gone to bed to recover from the flight in readiness for the welcome party that evening – I’m not sensible and went to play golf at Argentino Golf Club and managed 9 holes.

Argentino golf course is a lovely established parkland course, not too dissimilar to a golf course in Surrey, England.  Beautifully maintained and offering a variety of challenges- it was worth the pre-tournament warm-up.

David, Sebastian and Gordon

Back, showered, out again for the welcome address where I met with most of the rest of the group who were to become my buddies over the coming week or so.  And buddy we did.  A mix of nationalities thrown together who immediately took to each other and I know I will remain friends with.
Day one heralded a lovely sunny day where we played Argentino GC in the first of the four rounds for the tournament.  Some did better than others – I was in the ‘others’ camp…. But we met with the wider group from Poland, Brazil, Uruguay, France, Columbia.

Playing golf with Gordon (aka Graham) from Scotland, Sebastian from Argentina and David from Spain was a pleasure – a good laugh in the sun on a lovely golf course – what else could one want?  We failed at the Mexican wave when Sebastian got an amazing putt, but then there were only three of us! (two Brits and a Spaniard don’t bode well for a Mexican wave!)

Gus, me and Justo

Day two  playing Pilara golf course- a Jack Nicklaus design course which is quite new without the traits of a new course.  Playing with Augustine, Paul and Alla was such fun. A very playable course. Paul you have the patience of a saint.

That evening was the long awaited for dinner tango – in a large theatre we were treated to Tango delights by the dancers who must have had their legs removed and re-attached using split pins.  How on earth do they spin their legs around like that – seriously impressive.

A rest day – yeah right; a rest day for the tournament attendees, but for us we had the  great treat.  Following a city tour of Buenos Aires, we played at the not yet fully open golf course – Canuelas Golf Club – and it was a great course.  I can’t wait for it to be inaugurated and start recommending people to visit – it is a well planned golf course with plenty of interest.

Pony heaving a sigh of relief
when I was told I couldn’t
ride him!

To finish the day we were transported to the Polo fields to watch the polo players practice.  Fantastic hosts and wonderful food not to mention the polo ponies being able to turn on a penny with just a slight movement of the hands.  Amazing.

Polo practice
Gordon, me and Bill at Loi Suits reception

Staying at the Loi Suits in Recoleta Buenos Aires we were on hand to everything North of the city could offer.  The hotel was really comfortable and the breakfast very good.  We had the opportunity to view the Park Hyatt Hotel – a splendid five star hotel offering luxury.  Unusually with two entrances and a garden linking two hotels a stay at the Park Hyatt wouldn’t disappoint.

Back on track for the tournament playing at Nordelta day four.  Nordelta is a micro-city outside Buenos Aires which is self sufficient with its own infrastructure and golf course – of course!  Another Jack Nicklaus design golf course with waste bunkers (yuk), water (wet) and good size greens (phew!)  A good challenge for the average golfer.

Me and Fernando being serious golfers-not

Fernando you are great fun – I don’t think I have laughed so much on the golf course – and that’
s saying something for me….

Sebastian and Nico – best BBQ yet

Dinner that night was by way of BBQ – what better way to enjoy the local Argentinian beef than to have it cooked to order in good company and with plenty of wine to wash it down – great stuff.

Final tournament day at Olivos golf club.  Ranked the best golf course in Argentina we were not disappointed with its established parkland feel, home from home.  One down side to Olivos – well to the day; it rained – no it didn’t rain it fell in buckets from the sky stopping play.

And it did rain
Paul – our hero

Winners decided – well done Paul from our group who was the only one who held it together for all golf rounds.

Early start the next day to catch a short flight to Mendoza.  A little jaded following too many late nights we hit Mendoza relaxed after a short sleep and catch up on the plane.

Side of mouthwatering beef
White water rafting in Mendoza

Viewing the Club de Campo Mendoza and partaking in a spot of lunch we were then transported to the hills – where we did white water rafting followed by a side of beef which had been slowly cooked over an open fire to produce succulent tasty beef – YUM. I could never be a vegetarian.

Staying at the Diplomatic Park Suits we were on hand for the night-life of Mendoza – which we fully embraced….. A live band, cheap drinks and the final draw for the last game of golf for the trip bought even the quietest of us out of our shells (actually there weren’t many quiet ones!)  Fuelled by gin and tonic plus a few other weird drinks (what was that stuff you were drinking Guido?) a fantastic night was followed by a bit of dancing with the locals before trying to find our way back to the hotel and beds!

Michael and Paulie in the ‘replacement’
buggy- we did laugh.

Final day in Mendoza.  Taking a bus journey to Tupunagto Winelands we played our final round of golf with a backdrop so stunning even the most red-eyed of us had to take of our sunglasses to fully appreciate the scenery. Despite the golf buggy breaking down, nothing could stop our intrepid golfers Paul and Michael from playing. Distant cries of ‘you get out and push the buggy -you’re younger’ didn’t deter Michael from putting in a couple of extra holes when we’d all given up!
Quite a demanding course with a setting fit for royalty, a great end to the golf.
Via the Andeluna vinyards for some food and a tour around their beautiful estate before returning back to the hotel for a final night in

Mendoza before returning back to Buenos Aires and home to our various destinations around the world.

I cannot thank the guys at We Golf Argentina enough for a fabulous trip. I am a convert to long haul flights to get that something different from my golf trip – and get it we did, in spades.  Thanks guys I hope to return one day if you’ll have me!

If you want to experience amazing Argentina for yourselves, or join us next year we will be posting golf trips to Argentina on so keep an eye out for that something special trip that is sure to please.  Or drop me an email [email protected]
Together we can make it happen.

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