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My Marathon in Golf

Remember this?

I completed one article a day for 26 consecutive days.   A marathon in golf writing and promotions, you might say!

The reason for taking on this self imposed challenge was to help golfers remain buoyant and give them something positive to think about.  When the world returns to some semblance of normality, this will still be here to help golfers think and plan.

I purposely didn’t want all bucket list courses, just a variety of genuine good courses to visit and play.  I wanted to give England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales an even (as possible) split too. With my desire to appeal to all golfers; old, new, young, old, male, female and families.  The truth is, there is no point squirrelling knowledge when others can benefit from it!

Favouring to focus

On golf courses I had played.  I did need help for 4 of the courses featured.  Thank you Kevin Markham, Neil W and Phil Millington for plugging three of the gaps!  Also thank you to Kevin Markham and Kevin Murray for allowing me to use their excellent golf photography for some of the features.

What I didn’t expect was for it to take so long to do the daily research.  To dig through copious notes and do an awful lot of tapping into my memory banks.  Then of course get the articles written up, images sourced and posted across various platforms. Thanks to the golf clubs, despite being in lockdown, who answered my various questions and requests.

An annoying lightbulb moment

At some ungodly hour of 4am was something else.  For this campaign, I decided to act out each letter in semaphore.  It then became apparent, that whilst I thought it was a great idea, a lot of people didn’t have a clue.  They just thought I was doing some poor version of YMCA, by trying to replicate the shape of the letter.  When I got to letter S, I told people what I was doing and the penny dropped.

I made the commitment

And was delighted by the level of engagement across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  My blog also hosts the full write up and suite of images which has now tipped 28K.  All social media platforms produced a good ROI, with Instagram being the most interactive.  Probably as it is pitching to the audience who is most likely to be interested in visiting more golf locations.  But in all, the campaign across all platforms has been well received.  Other golfers praising me for the foresight and tenacity to ensure its success through its unique delivery.

My business ethos has always been about working with people, striking up friendship and helping them where I can.  My social channels follow this ethos, so I am grateful for the interactions I have received.  Whether it was guessing the letter of the day or commenting and liking the posts.  I’m delighted to have such good strong golf and business relationships.  People who genuinely want to see and hear about golf and lifestyle.  As presented in my unique eye popping way. 

This semaphore for today is not a letter more its meaning as ‘end’ – or ‘end of word’, as it signifies the end of this campaign.

I like showing golfers and their families where they can go to play golf, or visit for their next holiday.

To this end, I am looking for destination partners as well as sponsors.  Brands who enjoy out of the box thinking when it comes to promotions.  Brands who want innovative fun campaigns promoting golf and lifestyle to those who want to see it.

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U – Ullapool

GB&I Golf Course Review – Z to A

Over the next 26 days, I am going to showcase one golf club a day in GB & I.  It is my ode to some great golf in the UK and Ireland.  Full write up’s and more images can be found on golfgurugroup.blogspot or www.golfgurugroup.com Travelling Lady Golfer tab.  So there is no missing out on that extra little bit of information, if needed.

Feel free to share them to help others.

Ullapool Golf Club

North Road, Ullapool, IV26 2TH

The place time forgot?

Benches dotted around the course, taking time out to enjoy this 9 hole course seems to be the best way to embrace the ethos of Ullapool Golf Club.

Just North of the fishing village of Ullapool is this friendly golf club awaiting your presence to give it a go at only £20 per 9 holes (£30 for 18 holes/day ticket).   It doesn’t try to be something it isn’t, it doesn’t claim to be a long course, or even a particularly hard one either, but it does have wildlife aplenty and stunning scenery to enjoy as you play a relaxing round at Ullapool.  And if you fancy a bash whilst on holiday, you can hire clubs with golf trolleys being free to use.

My friend and fellow journalist, Kevin Markham, has played Ullapool and has this to say about the course:

So many of the Highlands golf courses are wrapped in glorious views, mountains rolling across horizons and sea stretching out of sight. Ullapool is no different. This is a nine hole course (18 tees) and you get a wonderful taste for it as you start your descent into the large village, coming from the north. Ullapool sits in the heart of Lough Broom, and dates back to 1788.

The golf course came 210 years later and is laid out at the eastern fringe of the village. It is a picturesque coastline course, squeezing up against the lough’s edges and promising views all day long. Visitors are always welcome (there’s an honesty box) but this is very much a local affair. You won’t find immaculate conditioning because it’s simply not needed at a club that was founded for the love of playing golf… and not perfect fairways.

It’s an enjoyable ramble and the holes are well routed with holes 1 and 9 taking you to and from the clubhouse, from the shoreline. Thereafter, holes run parallel to the water. That ‘local’ feel is emphasised by the shapes and flow of the land which have been absorbed into the course. To say the course has a ‘natural feel’ is an understatement.

Over the 18 holes

There are four par threes and two par fives (three for ladies). The par fours are rarely long: the shortest is 230 yards, the longest is 378 (298 for ladies), and with 18 different tees you will find the course changes its length to the tune of 260 yards for men and 244 for ladies. Sometimes the second tee on a hole doesn’t make much difference… on others it does. It means playing the nine hole loop twice offers different challenges.

Holes 2/11 and 3/12 are the most memorable and tempting holes. The par three 2nd hits straight out at the water, curving around a beach onto a little peninsula jutting into the lough. Mountains rise beyond and the men’s tee boxes on the two loops are 40 yards apart… the ladies just 10.

The par four 3rd runs right above the stony beach. Fairway then beach then lough. At high tide it must be incredibly intimidating. Whatever the tide, two brave shots are required. It measures between 261 and 338 yards, with tee boxes again well separated. The green sits at the foot of a steep gorse covered hill and as tough as the drive is, the approach is even more of a knee trembler.  A lovely par three follows, from a high tee, with the green once again right on the water’s edge.

That Gorse

That gorse is a common theme at Ullapool. There are trees here but they are widely scattered while the gorse embraces you time and again as you rise up the gentle slopes, channelling you towards small greens. Keep it on the fairways and it’s a sweet amble… if not, expect the occasional prickly end.

Don’t expect complex golf at Ullapool. That is not its attraction. This is a fun and friendly local club that promises an enjoyable day out amidst the beauty of the Highlands.

V for Vale of Llangollen

Photo credits Kevin Markham

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