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“Are you watching the US Women’s Open Sarah?”

Came the question from a new contact on social media.

If so, would you like to come on the BBC and give your thoughts?

I read that message a few times before turning to hubby and saying, ‘the BBC have just got in touch with me! They want me to go on to talk about the US Women’s Open!’

After some investigation, the guy checked out as legitimate from the BBC, so I said yes.

That was it, as short and as simple as that.   He found me on social media and connected the dots  – now I had some work to do as I was due on in a few hours…

I later found out, he also watched my You Tube channel!

which he said was really good and positive for golf …. and he found it funny in places too.

Anyone that knows me, whilst I am professional in my business, having fun and a sense of humour is also a huge part of me and my make up too! So how could I combine all of this and still give people enough information to make good decisions about their golf travel and golf products?

Over the last year, due to lack of travel, I have worked on my social media accounts, growing the three major platforms; Twitter, Facebook. But Instagram has given me greatest success.  By combining all three major platforms, I can reach all demographics across the world.

I decided I was not about growing my audience for my own personal gratification and gain.  I am about what I do best –  helping people.  Engaging with them and helping them in their personal golf endeavours.  My blog, which has been going for longer and has seen steady growth over the years too, is now in excess of 26K

My latest foray into social media is You Tube, and already less than a year in I have exceeded my first goal for subscribers.

Doing live television shows, (it actually turned out to be three live shows over two days on various BBC sports programs) was something I hadn’t done before.  In truth it is not something I had given an awful lot of thought to either; until it happened, out of the blue by that single social media contact.

Day 2 of the US Women’s Open

and my time to be on air was getting closer.  I was a bit nervous and I think it showed it a little bit too.  I had the notes on the desk in front of me, and I kept looking down at them! But all in all it went very well and I felt a massive weight lifted as I successfully completed my first live television appearance for the BBC.  On watching this back, I was able to see my downcast eyes and moved my notes higher for the next one!

However, talking on live television wasn’t what I expected.  It wasn’t a normal zoom call where you see the person you’re talking to.  Nor was I able to do a screen share – I was talking to the BBC logo – thats all I saw!  This also made it extra difficult as I couldn’t see which clip they were showing or which golfer they were talking about either.  I got through it for BBC Sports Day and was invited back for a second time to appear live on BBC World.

Session two came about a couple of hours later

and here I was again looking at the BBC logo, on BBC World this time.  All went relatively smoothly, I didn’t fall flat on my face.  Nor did I worry about any answers I’d given!  Now I could relax and enjoy the rest of the golf, as an easy sport to watch.   With a glass of wine to wind down with!

Next day the television was back on and I’m glued to it once more.  Then ping, I got the email from another BBC producer.

‘Can you come on again please, Sarah?’

With a reduced field after the cut has been made, day three of the tournament was in some respects a bit easier to talk about.  This time I had a different presenter too.  I must say both presenters made me feel welcome.  They gave me the space and time to talk and were really welcoming of my opinions, views and answers.

Day three and my third show went without any hiccups.

I think it also shows me growing in confidence when answering questions and sharing the knowledge,  why wouldn’t I ?  After copious note taking, a good understanding of golf and the LPGA players also helped with my responses.

If you’re not quite there with social media or if you’re only focussing on one platform?  Maybe this old dog can teach you some new tricks and help you understand the importance of a good social media presence?   I can help you rethink your strategy.  Help get you in front of a new, willing and keen audience, who soak up golf and all it can bring like a sponge.

I’m living proof of it not only happening, but importantly, working.  After years of chipping away at this industry to be more respectful and acceptance for females in golf, here I am a ‘BBC pundit’ with a bright future.

If you want to check out the shows, they are now available on You Tube, this also includes behind the scenes as I prepare for the live television shows

Sarah Forrest

Golf Writer

Golf Guru Group

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