Travelling Lady Golfer

Nearly Hole in One – Always the bridesmaid!

I had the opportunity recently to play in a client golf day in Southend.  It was windy, it was wet and quite frankly quite miserable with a grey sky for pretty much the whole round.  Despite the weather the saving grace was the team I was in; three wonderful chaps who embraced me as a golfer to bring in a reasonable, but sadly not winning score.
We were battling the wind on pretty much every hole, with the only positive being the wind was with us on the odd hole. It was such a hole – a par three 190 yard innocuous yet inviting hole.
The boys had already taken their tee shots with varying degrees of success – short, left and right which left the green for the taking.
Picking up my new 26 degree Nike Vapor hybrid (5 iron equivalent) I hit the ball, a ‘lucky’ bounce sent it heading for the hole.
The boys were getting excited as the ball travelled towards the hole – then it stopped.  Being inwardly excited I dare not believe it was by the hole until I got close enough to see for myself.

Did I make the putt – absolutely – now that would have been embarrassing if not wouldn’t it!

Thanks boys for being great partners,and thanks to the puff of wind which blew my ball right and towards the hole.

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